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A1H_5255Cyndal Ellis is Co-Director of SoBo Studio and Al Amal Belly Dance Company. She teaches Fusion Belly Dance,  Modern Dance, and Dunham Technique at SoBo and at schools throughout southern VT. In 2017, Cyndal received a Certification through the Institute for Dunham Technique Teacher Certification. She holds a B.A. in anthropology and dance from Smith College. She has over 20 years of dance experience. She has taught at Jacob’s Pillow, Smith College, Landmark College, and grade schools throughout New England. She was a member of The Sovereign Collective with which she performed and taught nationally. She was also one of the co-directors of Firekeeper Productions and toured the mulit-media production “The Mabel Story” throughout New England. Cyndal loves to share the joy of dance with people of all ages and abilities. *photo by Kiqe Bosch

Toni Nagy is a hip hop, modern, and belly dancer. She started dancing in the club scene of Boston and New York City in the mid 90’s – house dance and hip hop. She then attended Sarah Lawrence College where she majored in philosophy and dance. Toni spent her 20’s continuing her study of dance at some of the most acclaimed institutions in New York City including Peridance, Broadway Dancer Center, Steps, and 180 Broadway. She got to learn from some of the best teachers this country has to offer and has taken that knowledge to Brattleboro Vermont. Toni is the proud owner of SoBo Studio with her business partner Cyndal Ellis. Toni has performed her own choreography throughout the Vermont area, including the Vermont Dance Festival for the past 4 years. Toni’s choreography is a blend of all the styles she has been exposed to including her own personal flair. Toni’s work is often driven by messages of social consciousness and political activism.*photo by Jeff Lewis

Reily Mumpton has been a practitioner of Wester Martial Arts for 9 years, graduating from Marlboro College with a degree in Medieval History and Legal Studies surrounding combat in Medieval Society. His main focus has been studying German Martial Arts (including Longsword, Arming Sword, and Dagger) and he spent four years learning Italian Rapier under instructor Ian Bigelow. He now shares his passion for Medieval History in both classes and live presentations.

Katie Bio: Dance PicKatie Tordonato was born in Rutland, VT and began her dance training at Miss Lorraine’s School of Dance at the young age of five. A few years later, she began taking classes at Centre Dance until she graduated from high school. Here, she studied jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. In 2011, she was accepted to Keene State College in New Hampshire where she majored in Theatre and Dance with a specialization in Choreography and Performance under the guidance of Marcia Murdock. Her four years here primarily revolved around modern. She took a dance internship class for two semesters where she taught educational dance as an afterschool program for students from kindergarten to fourth grade. Katie is excited to share the joy, creativity and confidence that dance has brought her with others.

Fern Katz is a local dancer and birth/postpartum doula. She has held a life-long exploration of dance. She currently studies at SoBo studio (VT), School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (MA), as well as Gibney Dance Center (NYC). Fern is a DONA-trained birth doula and self-taught postpartum doula. She is also completing her BA in Dance and Birth Studies at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT in the summer of 2018. Her thesis surrounds study of the neurological and somatic effects of trauma on humans, anatomical studies of the Psoas, Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, and Vagus nerve, and an exploration of modern rituals in Western birthing culture. Her work will culminate in a dance curriculum for pregnant folks, some of which will be showcased in the upcoming Dance/Movement for Pregnancy course.


Ever since Ian Bigelow was a kid, he’s been playing with swords and homemade sword-like objects. His love for sword-play led to fencing in his early teens. He began studying USFA sport fencing in 1997. In 1999, he started training in historical fencing at Marlboro College. Fencing brought Ian to a more in-depth study of the history, art, and science of swords and sword fighting throughout the world. From training with Thomas Leoni in Italian rapier and traditional Chinese sword with Sifu Scott Rodell, to German longsword with Christian Tobler, Ian has studied with many internationally renowned masters. Ian now teaches fencing at Marlboro College, the Compass School, Hilltop Montessori, the Putney School, and the Grammar School, as well as SoBo Studio.

Jessica Greene is blessed to live with her three inspiring children and faithful Alaskan sled dog in Putney, Vermont. She is an artist, yogi, doula, and postpartum support group facilitator. She has coordinated wellness programs for Brattleboro-area families through It Takes A Village since 2013, and started teaching family-style yoga classes at Putney Moves in 2017. She is delighted to be teaching Gentle Yoga with Childcare at Sobo Studio!

Taliesin Reid Haugh is a performer, teacher, and student who grew up in Cleveland’s art community. His movement training and experience includes Hawkins style modern dance with YARD under the direction of Bill Wade, Horton technique and ballet through CCDT director Michael Medcalf, Stiltwalking and aerial circus techniques with SAFMOD, Breakdance/hiphop with Ground Effects and the Chosen Few crew, training in nontraditional partnering with members of Pilobolus, and nearly two decades of Afro-Brazilian acrobatics dance and percussion with Capoeira Narahari. Training abroad has included dance education in Athens through UNESCO’s International Dance Counsil, Capoeira with Groupo Besouro in Rio de Janeiro, martial arts training with Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai. He performs regionally with Morrisondance and Pickup-Stix stiltwalkers. Taliesin’s primary movement interests are Capoeira, Breakdance, climbing, nontraditional partnering, cyr wheel, Satchidananda yoga and bicycling.

Adrasteia K Andrews gives you an easier, more memorable nickname to recall. Adra is a fun- spirited, light-hearted, energetic mother of four. Returning back to the well-suited community of ever loving Brattleboro, we, as a family look to raise and influence our own while making the healthier lifestyle changes that could have only been dreamed of. With a background of dance, performing arts and wearing many of many hats to fit the bill in-between, this newly acquired, outstanding ability to increase health and wellness in the community makes for an extraordinary lifestyle that is a privilege to uphold.

Taina Lyons says, “I love dancing and teaching contact improv. I value playfulness, freedom and curiosity in my classes and draw from experiences in holistic mental health care, ritual, group facilitation, clowning, parenting, and meditation to inform my teaching.”

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