Capoeira Workshop

Caopeira Workshop

March 16th, 1:30 ~ 3:30

Cost: $25, Dance or Martial Arts Teacher Discount of $18

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dance and acrobatics into a game of strategy and self-expression. Practitioners learn to dance and sway to the music of drums and traditional folksongs. Capoeira is unique in many ways: the only surviving martial art native to the new world, a part of the diaspora, it is a cultural syncretism incorporating indigenous movements, central African rhythms and European instruments into something entirely new. Once illegal and repressed because of its role in social movements in Brazil, Capoeira is now practiced by millions of people all over the world.

About the teacher:
Taliesin (instrutor Semterra) has practiced Capoeira for more than 20 years. His lineage comes from Mestre Beicola of Capoeira Narahari(USA/Japan)/Groupo Capoeira Besouro(Brasil). life and travel have brought Semterra to learn from other distinguished Capoeira groups including Volta ao Mundo, Sul da Bahia, Capoeira Angola Quintal, Capoeira Brasil, Capoeira Minas Gerais, and the International Foundation for Capoeira Angola (FICA), including workshops with Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Joao Penqueno, Mestre Amen Santos, Mestre Batata, and countless others that have all informed and enriched his practice.

What to expect:
A full introduction to the historical and sociopolitical context of Capoeira as a tool for social change and empowerment.
An invigorating but accessible overview of the core movements and how to train for strength and flexibility.
An opportunity to improve your inversions, acrobatics, and aerobic endurance.
An open, safe space to experiment in playing the jogo (game) of Capoeira: whether for the first time, as a refresher, to help develop fluidic improvisation, or to improve your strategic awareness.

Indian Dance Workshops

Indian Dance Workshops

Email to register. Cost is $25 for single workshop, $40 for both. Dance teacher discount is $18 for single, $32 for both.

March 3rd 2019
Indian Classical & Folk Dance Lecture/Demo & Workshop
01.00 to 1.45pm
Lecture on the main characteristics and differences on the eight Indian Classical Dance Forms (Bharatanatyan, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Sattriya, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam)

01.45 to 3.00pm
The workshop will introduce the participant to the fundamentals of indian dance aesthetics, including basic techniques as (Bhedas: Eyes, head, neck movement) and mudras (Single and double hand gestures) and its applications to pure dance (nritta) and expressive dance (nritya)

March 24th 2019

Kathak Lecture/Demo & Workshop
01.00 to 1.45pm
Discover the graceful and dynamic North Indian classical dance form of Kathak with this lecture demonstration and workshop.
We will cover a brief history of the dance form, development and today’s expression. Along with an explanation and demonstration of the typical repertoire of Kathak
01.45 to 3.00pm
The workshop will introduce the participant to the fundamentals of kathak dance including: Basic posture, pranam (greeting) tatkar and various step/footwork patterns, taal (rhythmic structures), padhant (the system of rhythmic oral recitation), hastaks (hand, arms and feet coordination), chakkars (spins) and abhinaya (expression). Elements of storytelling and music will be included.