Goddess Rising: Bellydance Show and Workshops

Goddess Rising Workshops

Saturday, April 23rd at the Vermont Jazz Center (just below SoBo)

Raq-On at Tupelo Ben DeFlorio Photography IMG_4913Goo & Layers with Amity Alize 

Saturday, 1:00 to 2:30. Gooey explains movements that just melt. It’s about connecting, completing, and melting movements. We’ll spend an entire class making you ooze through detailed explanations of muscle versus skeletal movements, weight transitions, and combinations.  Once you’re gooey we’ll add the next “layer” demystify layering technique. Handouts included. (Suitable for: all levels)

Aria MichaelsParticipation Mystique and the Ecstatic: Ritual and Transformation with Aria Michaels Paradise

Saturday, 2:45 to 4:15. As dark fusion belly dancers, we embrace the sacred art of transformation and the mystical, psychic connection between performer and performance. In this workshop we will explore the concept of Participation Mystique, meaning mystical connection between self and other. Through this focus, we learn how to more fully embody, transform, and BECOME the characters in our theatrically based performances. In order to harness this energy, we will explore a holistic trinity of techniques and exercises for body, mind, and spirit. Following this we learn ways of accessing the power of the Ecstatic, it’s connection to Participation Mystique, and ways in which to harness it’s sublime energy during our performances.”

Cost: Pre Reg (before April 16th); $25 for single; $45 for both; At the door: $30 for single; $55 for both

Single Pre Reg

Full Day Pre Reg

Dance ‘n Biscuit Showcase

Dance and BiscuitDance ‘n Biscuit

a dance showcase to delight the senses

Saturday, March 12th 7:30PM

SoBo presents Dance ‘n Biscuit: a showcase of original contemporary dance pieces by local and regional artists. Hang on to your heads in a performance by Zombie Nation and the Trumpet Kids. Contemplate the limitation and freedom of time in a piece by traDANCE Company. Journey through Dark Matter with Cyndal Ellis, Toni Nagy, and Elora Way. Fidget through a dance work about waiting by Erika Klemperer. Other featured artists include Katie Tordonato, Katherine Rose, Heather Meehan, and Jack Kavanagh. Cost is $13 online at sobodance.com or at the door. Reservations can be made at sobodance@gmail.com or (802) 258~7378.

Valentine’s Fundraiser

Sobo-vitara fundraiser poster copyValentine’s Day Fundraiser

Tara Gordon Design Placemats & Greeting Cards

Fund”raising” awareness of Community Organizations & Projects,Patterning the Passion of Place

Tara Gordon creates symmetrical photographic patterns by mirror imaging the intimate  details she captures in the natural world. Find more info at  Tara Gordon Design. She sees the patterns as a lens of alignment, infusing within our décor a growing intimacy in nature for revitalizing the nature of surface design. Standing at the heart of Tara Gordon Design is  VITara (The TGD Mascot) visioning a new Plexis sustaining communities & mirroring our vitality in nature. A symbol of empowerment & transmutation, The Sunplexis Dahlia Pattern represents the heart of Tara Gordon Design enhancing the visibility of & nourishing the nature of organizations & programs aligned with the TGD vision.

We have the great fortune here in the heart of southern VT to model the first VITara Fundraiser: “Valentines; Patterning the Passion of Place”, serving as a natural launching ground from which Tara has made her home base for the past 11 years while raising her 2 children.  “This Celebrates community connections, the heart of relationships, sources of vitality for which I’m hearing the community calling out for more opportunities to grow participation in”

How it works/Process

30% of sale proceeds feed SoBo’s scholarship fund

– Purchase Sunplexis Valentine’s Greeting Cards directly on the TGD website Tara Gordon Design using SoBo’s coupon code sobofund2016.

– for Pre-Sales of Placemats : simply spread the word, take orders, fill out the printed order forms from SoBo where you will return them with your collected cash or checks.

– printed Gift certificates with duplicates (also act as receipts) will be included with your Greeting card purchases in time for Valentines Day.
– Delivery of place mats is approximately 4-5 weeks from the final order date.

What a way to demonstrate the value of design in accentuating the unique nature of our community; together amping up our vibe & jumpstarting the integration of this design application in growing our community Plexis & mentoring it’s extension out into more communities. When asked about what design means to her Tara says “ My sense of design is to cultivate our being wild at heart with all our diversity & creativity”