Hot Pop with Elizabeth

unnamedHot Pop: A 6 Week Series with Elizabeth Hallet

Tuesdays, 7:15-8:45

March 3rd-April 7th

Hot Pop is sensually driven pop-modern. This dance style is rhythmic with smooth curves. This class will work with choreography from or inspired by the SHAKEtheROOM! show. Elizabeth’s classes are playful often erupting in laughter from time to time, she works hard to create an environment that feels safe for her students. Each class begins with a full body warm-up, a walking warm-up aka model walking (Elizabeth believes if you can’t walk confidently- how will you dance confidently?), and then the class continues with learning choreography and building a full dance. Elizabeth’s choreography is created as though it will be performed so there is always an awareness of the “audience” and the story unfolding in the dance. Cost:  $78 Pre-Registered, $85 at the Door, $15 Drop In or SoBo Class Sampler Pack